The Do-It-Yourself Unincorporated Business Trust

– fill in the blanks! –

Unincorporated Blank business forms. Everything you need to create your own Unincorporated Business Organization. Operate this trust as you would any other business organization. All forms supplied – fill in the blanks. This Common Law Business Trust has successfully weathered two out of two IRS audits!!! Protect your assets from moochers and looters.

Are Unincorporated Business Trust Legal??



  • History Of Trusts
  • Statutory Trust Or Common Law Trust?
  • Overview
  • Filling Out An SS-4 Application And Obtaining A Tax ID Number
  • Transferring Assets To The UBO
  • Exchange Procedures


  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Declaration Creating The Trust
  • Acceptance Of Position By Trustee
  • Schedule “A”
  • A Letter Of Resignation From Independent Trustee
  • Fee Agreement For Independent Trustee
  • Trust Protector Letter


  • Introduction To Minutes
  • Minutes Of Initial Board Of Trustees Meeting Appointing You Managing Trustee
  • Minutes Of Board Accepting Exchanger Offer
  • Promissory Note
  • Bank Resolution Authorizing Managing Trustee To Open Accounts
  • Custodial Account Request
  • Approval To Reissue TCUs
  • Appointment Of Successor Trustee(s)
  • Continuity Of Management
  • Managing Director’s Meeting No.___
  • Minutes Hiring Secretary And Or Accountant
  • Proposal To Exchange Property
  • Proposal To Invest Funds
  • Minutes Accepting Property


  • Registry Of Trust Certificate Units
  • Trust Certificates


  • Tax Information, Reports, Sample Documents
  • Legal Cites of Court Cases
  • Definition of Terms
  • Following Through – Things to do

 The Do-It-Yourself Business Trust

– fill in the blanks! –

The advantages of a business trust far exceed the benefits of a corporation.

ADVANTAGE No. 1. Because the corporation is created by the state as a privilege, corporate benefits may be diminished, limited or eliminated by the state government, whereas business trusts, or unincorporated business organization’s (UBOT) existence and operation are controlled by its contract, not by state corporation law. 

ADVANTAGE No. 2. The state charges high incorporation fees and high ongoing annual fees. The UBOT, as a privately created entity, does not have these expenses. 

ADVANTAGE No. 3. A corporation (expect for a Subchapter S corporation that is taxed as a partnership) can be subject to double taxation (income taxes on corporate profits, then income taxes on dividends paid now or in the future from those profits to shareholders). In contrast, a UBOT does not pay income taxes on its profits if it must distribute all of its net income to its beneficiaries – thereby escaping taxation as a simple trust. 

ADVANTAGE No. 4. Likewise, capital gains taxes may be entirely avoided by a UBOT that sells assets at a profit if the trust contract specifies that all net trust income is to be distributed annually to the certificate holders (beneficiaries) who will be the ones to report the capital gains as taxable income and pay any due taxes. A

DVANTAGE No. 5. Corporate officers and directors (and sometimes shareholder names) and financial dealings are a matter of public record and detailed annual reports. UBOT affairs are private and not a matter of public record. 

ADVANTAGE No. 6. The avoidance of probate administration is one major advantage of a UBOT. If one’s assets are all owned by one or more trusts, at one’s death, there are no assets in the deceased person’s name to go through the probate wringer. The trustees and successor beneficiaries continue the uninterrupted administration and benefit of the trust assets and income. 

ADVANTAGE No. 7. Because the UBOT assets do not go through the probate wringer, a UBOT cannot be challenged by persons falsely claiming to be heirs or creditors of the deceased person. 

ADVANTAGE No. 8. Assets can often be protected against creditors while beneficiaries are alive because the UBOT holds legal title to the trust assets with the result that beneficiaries cannot have their shares of capital units attached by creditors if the trust has valid spendthrift clauses. 

ADVANTAGE No. 9. Like the initial funding of a new corporation, there is no income or transfer (gift) tax to put initial assets into a business trust (structured to be like a corporation in the initial funding process) because the transferor of the assets receives back a proportionate share of the Certificates of capital Units. 

ADVANTAGE No. 10. Whereas corporate stock owned by a stockholder is liable for death taxes (to the extent the value exceeds exemptions and deductions), the assets to a properly structured, funded and administered asset preservation trust will not be part of the grantor who originally funded the trust when the grantor dies. 

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Free yourself from bureaucracies, licenses, fees, moochers, and looters. Liberate your creativity to build your wealth. This trust documentation contains everything you need to create your own Unincorporated Business Organization. All necessary forms are supplied – just fill in the blanks. This Business Trust has successfully weathered two out of two IRS audits!!! It is the same trust used by the super-rich and those who wish to keep what is theirs private and secure.

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