The Strawman and Living Man Myth

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No matter the extent of your efforts or the eloquence of your arguments, it is crucial to note that a significant amount of information within the patriot and tax protest communities is either false, baseless, or even worse. Simply put, do not blindly accept information just because it is presented convincingly. This includes me; I encourage skepticism and critical thinking.

You need concrete evidence, the kind that would hold up in a court of law. As such, I advise you to conduct your own thorough research, not relying solely on hearsay. Your sources should be factual records of Law and History, each verifiable by a multitude of substantial sources. I stress the importance of independent research to ascertain the truth. I believe that such research is most effective when accompanied by sincere prayer, seeking divine guidance in discerning the truth.

To discern the truth, I recommend the following steps: First, seek divine guidance through prayer; Second, conduct thorough research—when you encounter information that seems plausible, verify it through your own research, corroborating the findings of your source with multiple credible records of Law and History; Third, pray once more, seeking confirmation of the truth you have uncovered. Only when you have received an answer and understand the truth through your own experience should you take action.

The ideology of the “living man” or “sovereign citizen”, which occasionally incorporates the “blood defense” myth, represents a marginal belief system that has garnered interest in certain sectors, especially within the United States. This ideology disputes or questions various facets of governmental authority, frequently based on misreadings of legal principles and historical texts.

The premise of the “living man” suggests that individuals have the ability to sever ties with governmental authority by proclaiming themselves as “sovereign citizens” or “living men” or “women.” Followers of this belief often assert that they can circumvent laws, taxes, and legal responsibilities by assuming this status. They generally depend on intricate and frequently illogical legal arguments, referencing obscure or antiquated legal theories, statutes, or interpretations of the Constitution.

Moving on to debunking some prevalent myths:

I have serious issues with the logic underpinning the Strawman theory and the related Uniform Commercial Code filings. I do not subscribe to the notion that the federal government created the so-called “Strawman”, and I believe that the Strawman theory is fundamentally flawed. The theory is inconsistent with known facts and sets its adherents up for a massive disappointment.

Consider this, a “Strawman” is defined as “a nonexistent person”. The primary issue with this is that if you follow the argument to its logical conclusion and someone disputes your claim (which is likely), you’ll end up in court alleging the creation of a “Strawman”. They will deny your claim, leaving you with the impossible task of proving the existence of a nonexistent entity to win your case. This argument has already been dismissed as frivolous by the Supreme Court. Records of appeals do not include such cases because they are deemed “frivolous”.

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