The Book Inside Contract Law

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This is the book I talked about in today’s video; it is essential if you want to know more about contract law. To get a copy of the book, use this link.

Part of the new Inside Series, which offers clear narrative discussion of basic topics in tandem with a wealth of pedagogy, Inside Contracts: What Matters and Why, conveys a big-picture view of the essential elements of Contracts, how they fit together, and why.

Inside Contracts, What Matters and Why, features:

  • basic coverage of the main themes of contract law in theory and practice
  • a straightforward and informative writing style
  • Overviews –a brief introduction to each chapter that positions the topic within the course
  • FAQs-frequently asked questions with complete answers-many of which address common mistakes and ambiguities
  • Sidebars-text boxes that contain interesting asides touching on history, policy, and law
  • visual aids, such as tables and flow charts, that illustrate key concepts
  • Chapter Summaries and boldfaced legal terms
  • Connections-a bulleted list at the end of each chapter that connects key points to related topics in other chapters
  • attractive, uncluttered, two-color page design

From contracts teacher and scholar Michael B. Kelly, this widely accessible guide serves as a compass: It orients students in the geography of the field, so they can successfully navigate through their course in Contracts.

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