Private Ministerial Association (God or Nature)


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We design Private Ministerial Associations/Unincorporated Ministerial Associations for men and women to come together collectively to determine what devices, products, procedures, or services they will use in their business. The members of the Private Ministerial Associations allow like-minded individuals to worship and build a community as they see fit.  This could include seeking medical attention, help with legal issues and financial matters, or even building a community to help each other. There are some benefits to having a Ministry. Private Ministerial Associations fall under the IRS tax code 508c1a, which allows all funds into the association to be tax-exempt.

See the blog section for more information on faith-based associations. Please choose this product if you are ready to purchase your Private Ministerial Associations.

Note:  Private Ministerial Associations can be established in faith in God or Nature. Please use the other options for a standard association or Faith Based Associations.


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