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Here is a list of the items I discussed in the episode about extended periods of power outages. These are all good items to have on hand but are not by any means a complete list, just a great starting point.

Flashlights & Lanterns

2000 Lumen LED Lantern

190 Lumen Led Lantern 4-pack for individual use

Led Mini Flashlights for the bedroom doors

Solar Generator

Portable 300w with 60w Solar Panel

Bigger Version 1002Wh Capacity with two 100w Solar Panels

All Band Battery Powered Radio

Emergency Hand Crank Radio


The one I have is 15 years old, but this one is like it


Coleman camping stove

Wood Buring Stove (my backup)

Pots, Kettles, Coffe Option

Enamel Coffee Pot

2.2L Kettel

Camping Pot 5 Quarts

Shower & Refrigerators

Portable Shower with Dry Bage

12 Volt Portable Refrigerator


UV-5R 3rd Gen

4 Pack Walkie Talkie we use this around the homestead and when kids are out in the woods exploring


I hope you find this list useful, and let me know what items you think should have been added.

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