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Ep. 37 Exploring PMAs: Your Questions Answered in this Q&A

Join us as we delve into the world of Private Membership Associations (PMAs) in this interactive Q&A session. Get ready to have all your burning questions answered as we explore the ins and outs of PMAs and their fascinating dynamics. Items You Might Find InterestingGoDark Bags GM -15 Pro

EP. 36 Cracking Legal Codes: Common vs. Statutory Law, Corp vs. Unincorp

We delve into the fascinating world of legal systems, exploring the differences between common law and statutory law. We also break down the distinctions between corporations and unincorporated entities, helping you gain a clear understanding of these fundamental concepts to help and demystify the topic when it comes to associations.

Ep. 35 Membership Fees and Funding Your Private Association

Are you part of a private association or thinking of starting one? In this video, we dive into the important topic of membership fees and how to effectively fund your private association. Discover strategies for setting the right membership fees, attracting and retaining members, and exploring various funding options to

Ep. 34 Top 10 Essential Items for Your Home Emergency Kit: Be Prepared for Anything!Ep. 34

In this video, we’ll walk you through the top 10 essential items you should have in your home emergency kit to ensure you’re well-prepared for unexpected situations. From water and food supplies to first aid essentials, we’ve got you covered. Don’t wait until it’s too late – learn how to

Ep. 33 Unlocking Privacy: Private Membership Documents & Exploring Start9 Sovereign Computing

We delve deep into the world of Private Membership Documents and uncover the secrets behind the membership agreement. Join us on a journey to discover the importance of protecting your personal information and privacy in today’s digital age. But that’s not all! We also explore the revolutionary concept of Start9